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 Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

Like many laws and regulations, Local Laws 10  and 11 were prompted by tragedy. Local Law 10 was passed and signed into law in 1980 by then-Mayor Ed Koch after a Barnard College student was killed by a piece of terra cotta that  fell from a building.  

Under Local Law 11 (1998), inspections must be performed every five years on buildings six stories or more by a licensed engineer or architect and certified as safe. The law mandates the inspection of all facades, not just those facing the street; requires scaffolding with each inspection; a report on any deterioration, and a timetable for repairs. Buildings are then classified as "Safe", "Unsafe", or Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP).



Pre Construction Inspection


required  by building code. We provide mandated pre construction inspection by NYC Lic Site Safety Manager to review the approved Site Safety Plan and ensure that the field conditions are in accordance

Full Time

Full Time

Overnight Safety


Qualified Safety Professional

QSP is required at all times during construction activity or while using suspended scaffold

Site Safety Manager

SSM is required for the erection and dismantling of a supported scaffold or full recladding of a facade, or to be present in the absence of a rigging foreman during the erection/dismantling of suspended scaffold

Construction Fire Safety 

construction fire safety duties are required on every project or any facade restotation project where there is hot work performed

Site Safety

Mandatory Site Safety


performs site safety inspections in the event that a hazardous violation is issued or an accident occurs as required by the DOB. An accident is defined but not limited to: damage to property, injury to the public, falling debris, injury to a worker, sidewalk shed damage, or at the request of DOB  

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